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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Up and Coming Felt Artist

Anyone can take up the challenge of felting.  Recently, one of our customers told us about her daughter,  Haley Doherty needing to raise money for a school cultural trip.  Haley's mom, Lori, knew Linda Wright who is a felt artist and a customer of Outback Fibers.  Linda gave Haley a crash course in making felt flowers, fiber was purchased from Outback Fibers, and the rest is recent history.  Word of mouth and some leaflets spread the word about Haley's project, and ...  it looks like we have a new felt artist.  The decorative, colorful flowers are popping up everywhere in Haley's home town, decorating clothing, hair, hats, etc.  So far, she has raised over $3,000 since December. 

Way to go Haley!!

If you are interested in purchasing a beautiful felted flower send an email to .

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