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Monday, May 21, 2012

Christo Coming to Coaldale

For those who love to plan for the future, I must let you know that Christo plans to drape the Arkansas River right here in our canyon in the summer of 2014. Christo's website.

In keeping with the promotion of the arts, we at Outback Fibers will be planning a series of summer workshops to coordinate with the two weeks in August 2014 when the exhibit will be on display.  It will be two years in the making as construction will encompass some 42 miles of the river.  There will be almost 6 miles of draping in areas where river rafters will be best able to float beneath to view the work.  We are just a short walk from the river, so what could be better than to take in some fresh air, some fiber, some felting, some floating, some fly-fishing... (I just love those "f" words!).

Workshops will be posted to the website closer to the time.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Silk Yardage for Nuno

As we settle into our new location here in Colorado, we have room to expand our line of products to include some luscious paj silk dyed to match our superfine merino harmonies line of wool roving.

Having Mark in the business is beginning to allow me more time to play with the products that everyone else gets to enjoy all the time!  I took advantage of the Xmas slowdown to sample a number of the new colorways in this 5mm habotai silk and made a few scarves to show how beautifully the wool and silk can be coordinated in a delicate scarf that is appropriate for almost any climate.

The silk comes in 2.5m lengths (approx 100"), so plenty of length for a scarf or wrap.  Full width is 45" but can be purchased in 15" or 30" if desired.  Eleven spectacular colorways are currently available and just 15-20gms of wool is all that is needed to turn the silk into a froth of ruffles and luxury.

Here are some of the colors we offer in these beautiful Neck Knacks in paj silk for your creative pleasure.