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Friday, February 11, 2011

Silk Hankies

Silk Hankies (mawata) are the latest rage... but not just for feltmakers this time.
Check out this link for some mittens made by simply knitting the hankies straight from the pile!

I used to knit more than I do, but these days my knitting is usually limited to the arrival of my grandchildren...
Here's my latest effort created for young Lachlan, born on January 10th.

Now if you're not into knitting and want to stick with your felting, just check out the video on using hankies in your felting project.

Hankies are a great way to add surface texture to your wet felting project.  As the wool base shrinks beneath the silk, it draws up the silk into pebbly puckers that can be emphasized by a minute or two in a hot dryer at the very end of the felting process while the felt is still slightly damp.

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