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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

A New Year

I tend to schedule more activities into my day than the hours things like this blog invariably get pushed aside in favor of more "urgent" tasks.
But this year I aim to change that!
However, as the owner of Outback Fibers, the daily routine of packing customer orders does not make for exciting blogging... though it does pay the bills.
I have occasional days when I have time to make felt, and I wish those days were more frequent.  I have a studio full of fabulous fibers that I daily ship off to lucky felters who get to make all those wonderful things I have in my head.
But, in moving to Colorado, part of my life goal was to immerse myself in a lifestyle different from our previous urban setting.  I grew up in Tasmania where we grew all our own fruits and veggies, milked a cow, made our own butter, bread, granola, preserves etc...and I miss that.  I have always done some of that during the years we raised our children, but our current location offers so much more opportunity for such endeavors.
So my blog from here on will encompass the many aspects that are important in my life.  Some days it might be the product of my felting studio... and other days it might feature the product of my kitchen, or my garden, or just some of the scenic reasons we selected this part of Colorado for our "golden years".  Even my grandchildren may show up from time to time as they make the trip up from Texas and get to participate in this "sustainable lifestyle" we have chosen to pursue.

I recently had time to work with the Truffles prefelt, topped with the Milan merino harmonies and a touch of Milan bombyx silk.
But now... I need to head to the kitchen.....

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